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The panels we dance upon form the rock climbing wall. There is the option to have a performance on 1, 2, or 3 panels. Different options are pictured below. If you are unsure of how many panels you would like, you are welcome to select multiple options and we will get back to you with different quotes based on your selections.
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The TEDxBoulder performance by AscenDance Project was absolutely stunning and brought an unbelievable level of artistry to our stage.
— Andrew Hyde

Climbing Wall Logistical Notes:

Our entire climbing wall is 24 ft wide and 12 ft high. (Pictured at the bottom). We need a minimum of 3 ft of clearance above the wall.The supporting scaffolding structure behind the climbing wall is 10 ft deep. The climbing wall can also be broken into single sections that are 8' wide and 12' tall. If the event is outside it will be important that the wall will be shaded.

One Panel | Overhang

Two Panels | Overhang and Vertical Panel

Three Panels | Full Rock Wall