Workout of the week: Dance Climb Fusion with The AscenDance Project | Daily Camera

By Liz Moskow

Dance Climb Fusion Class with The AscenDance Project

Instructor: Isabel von Rittberg, artistic director and innovator of The AscenDance Project grew up in Wuppertal, Germany. Inspired by Pina Bausch, one of the world's foremost authorities on modern dance, Isabel began dancing at a young age. But dance didn't entirely satisfy her need to express herself. Possessing the spirit of a dancer and the soul of a climber, Isabel was driven to create the AscenDance project, where she could integrate the two separate but complementary parts of herself. In 2006, Isabel started AscenDance in California's Bay Area; in November of 2011, she moved her brainchild to Boulder.

What is the workout?

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